Chicago and Suburbs Dance Insturctions

Sundays Musicality, Salsa, Mambo,

Sundays Musicality, Salsa, Mambo,
(Every Sunday)

The classes are on going. The sooner you start dancing the closer you get to achieving your goal, having fun, self improvement, meeting people, learning something new is always the way to go. All I ask is to do your best and forget the rest. I will guide you through understanding your role as a developing dancer.  Creating new habits, techniques that will make you a phenomenal dancer.

  • Classes are 55  minutes long
  • Wear dance shoes no street shoes please

Beginners (Please Read)
If you are a beginner or just starting out. It’s best to take a private lessons to understand what you need to work on. Taking a private is the fastest way to get better. We can work on any style of dance that you prefer.  If you don’t have a partner, please let me know i will provide an a experience dancer for you. Private can be scheduled and time of the week.  If you have any question please don’t hesitate to call or text me. (773) 491-4091.
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12:00 pm Musicality & Body Movement Class
Intermediate to Advanced Dancers
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Musicality, Lines, Creativity, Body isolation, Footwork and Spins.
(Best combine  with the 1:00 pm  Turn and Combination to make your experience more complete)

  • The goal of this class is body creativity and self expression.  While working your musicality, lines, and spins.

1:00 pm Salsa & Bachata Class all in one.
Intermediate to Advanced Dancers
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Turns Patterns and Combinations
This class are open to anyone who wants to learn and do more. If your are an on1 or on2 dancer this class is for you.

  • Lead: Having the confidence to be able to lead anything and also creating new turn patterns. I will show you how to connect with your partner creating an amazing chemistry.
  • Follow: If you can  walk you can follow. I can help you go beyond following seeing the beauty of connection with your partner. You will be able to apply and respond to the lead with ease and creativity,  seeing the beauty of styling and expression. Understanding the purpose styling above and beyond following.
  • Sexy Body Movements and Dips